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Time: One of the 10 ideas that will change the world.

Collaborative Consumption

What's Mine is Yours, Book Cover

What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption is a groundbreaking original book that includes dozens of stories of how entrepreneurs and businesses are innovating in the space of Collaborative Consumption. MORE

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Rachel at the Clinton Global Initiative “Rachel was a brilliant speaker at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. She captured imaginations when speaking about how collaborative technologies are reshaping our relationships and reinventing the world around us in life-changing ways.” — Clinton Global Initiative

“We engaged Rachel Botsman to be our keynote speaker at our C-level global thought-leadership roadshow. The ratings from our audience for Rachel were the amongst the very highest we have ever received. Rachel’s presentation was both motivating and energizing, seasoned with critically important cases studies from companies that are transforming industries and lives.” — John Burgin, Vice President and Region Head Australia and New Zealand, Cognizant.

“Rachel is one of a very rare bread of presenters with the ability to simultaneously awe a room into silence, super charge them and call forth a powerful drive towards innovative thinking. She has grace and strength in her delivery and intelligence and candor in her content and the gift to inspire all generations in her positioning...” — LJ Hooker, Cecille Weldon, Head of Knowledge Management & Sustainability

Rachel was named by Monocle as one of the top 20 speakers in the world to have at your conference. She is a dynamic and entertaining speaker known for her ability to inspire audience with cutting edge examples from around the world to present a clear picture on the opportunities that lie ahead.

She has presented to a wide range of audiences across the private and public sector including: Microsoft, Google, No. 10 Downing Street, TED, Harvard University, Clinton Global Initiative and HP. Clients describe her as a powerful catalyst for sparking debate and innovation.

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Key Areas

Collaborative Economy/ Technology and Social Networks / Innovation and Disruption/ Change / Sustainability/ Future Trends / Reputation and Trust /

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– The Collaborative Economy Named by TIME as one of the '10 Ideas That Will Change the World', Rachel will explain how the rapidly growing collaborative economy is transforming production, finance, education and consumption. She focuses on the macro changes in consumer behaviours, taking us into a world where we value access over ownership, peer trust over institutional trust and a completely new relationship between buyers and sellers. She leaves audiences inspired by the scale of the disruption but also with clear, practical insights about how companies of all shapes and sizes, from BMW to Marriott to GE, are moving into the Collaborative Economy.

– Kodak Moments: Leading Through Disruption Even though we know that ‘change is the only constant’, so many industries from finance to education to music seem to be struggling with adapting fast enough or getting it wrong. The big question for so many leaders today is, “we had a good long run, now what do we do?” No company wants their Kodak Moment. In this speech, Rachel dives into the four common drivers that make an industry ripe for change. She then focuses on what traditional organizations can absorb from the new wave of pioneers, and the change happening around them, exploring why they often get it so wrong, and whether it is indeed possible for traditional companies to transform themselves to the new market realities.

– On the Money: The Future of FinanceHow can technology transform money, banking and finance? In this speech, Rachel offers a sweeping view of the fundamental changes in how we interact with money happening around us today, both in terms of value and trust. From crowd funding to mobile money to virtual currencies to new payment systems, she takes audiences inside cutting-edge start-ups from across the globe, connecting the dots on the shifts, tools and risks that are rapidly disrupting the financial sector.

– 20/20 Vision: Technology, Business and Society in the 21st CenturyIn a world where game-changing technologies are evolving at a staggering rate, how do you figure out what's coming next? Rachel will explore five technology and innovation super trends that will transform how we live, work and play in ways that will powerfully shape our future. Using cutting-edge examples, she will bring to life how people's relationship to their jobs, money, data, community and material possession will be radically transformed over the next decade and what your organization should be thinking about now to get ahead of these shifts. (Please note: Rachel can select the five areas that are best suited for your audience.)

– The Reputation Revolution We have digitized books, pictures, and music. Next is digitizing identity and reputation. In this speech, Rachel explains why personal reputation is being transformed in our online world and how it is going to become a powerful currency that helps us decide who we can trust and want to trade with. Using cutting-edge examples from banking to recruiting to social commerce she explores the upside of this new world, as well as the thorny issues of privacy, identity and personal data management. This is a provocative speech that charts why who we know and how they regard you will ultimately determine our worth and change the way business is done in our networked world.


If you are interested in having Rachel speak at an event in Australia, New Zealand or Asia, please contact:
Trish Stafford at Saxton
E-mail tstafford@saxton.com.au
Call +61 2 8968 6650

If you are interested in having Rachel speak at an event in N/S America,UK or Europe, please contact:
Danny Stern at Stern Speakers Bureau
E-mail Danny@sternassociates.com
Call +1 908 276 4344

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